About J.S Mechanics

After many years working in the automotive trade, ranging from small family run “backstreet” garages, to the high end, highly sophisticated police repair centres it gave me a good indication of how things do and don’t work so well in the motor trade. I then took those and applied them to my own business model.

After a short while of feedback, I had one point that kept popping up. “Do I believe them or not?” I’m not to say garages are bad places, most are very reputable, but having that being said to me I thought the only way around that to flip it on its head. The garage comes to the customer. 

In 2016 this is where J.S Mechanics evolved.

Since then I have had mostly positive feedback from customers. It’s easy and convenient for the customer. They enjoy putting their feet up watching the TV while I work outside on their pride and joy. And if there are any issues found, the customer can be informed and shown to them what the issue may be straight away. That way they feel loyalty and honesty from you.

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